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The Spitz - review
Modern and European

"A great setting, on one side of Spitalfields market where there is seating on the street side as well as on the market side (which is roofed) so you are spoilt for choice. The atmosphere is the best thing here, it truely is so relaxing. There is a music venue upstairs where the music waffs down gentley, the interior of the high ceiling bistro is cream walls with bits of other stronger colours to contrast, when it gets dark the lighting is dim with candles dotted about, the type of atmosphere you create at home when you are planning to wind-down.

"The menu changes regularly, serving food that's in season usually. The portions are on the small side but was all cooked well and tasted great in general. Desserts are on a blackboard and all seemed very appealing. The only problem was the service. I had the same problem as another reviewer and it seemed as though many others who were dining on the same day as me were experiencing problems. The staff in general are friendly (though my waiter kept mumbling to himself, just did whatever he felt like and told us we had our starter even though it was not on the table and that was the reason we called him over, to ask where it was, he clearly did not have a clue what he was doing), but there was great trouble getting their attention, some people resorting to putting a hand in the air or actually getting up. I'm not sure what the staff were doing (on the phone a lot come to think of it), but it almost seemed like self-service, which I don't mind, but it would be nice to know. I think you just have to be patient and be prepared to actually call if you need service, subtlety doesn't work that's all.

"The outdoor tables are usually filled with drinkers in the early evening. There is a gallery attached to the bistro and music acts on fridays, the restaurant has full listing for the venue upstairs too. It always seems to be pretty busy so be prepared to wait about for a bit, but it's very relaxing so come here with time to spare and enjoy the whole atmosphere. A place I would mind going back to, a lovely experience in all, especially once I hooked on that you have to ask for things repeatedly before you get them, but I couldn't get annoyed as the place is so relaxing and I wasn't in a rush.

"It makes you wonder though as there are so many places in London that are capable of serving great food at resonable prices, it really is the atmosphere and service which set these places apart and keep the punters coming, so more attention really needs to be paid to these areas, they can now be deciding factors in a restaurant's survival with so many opening and closing all the time." H Phung 11/7/03

"London is awash with gastro-pubs serving mediocre food. A few years ago they all got on the bandwagon and gave it a go. There are fewer that are doing it successfully, and even fewer still that manage to incorporate several different types of venues under one roof. One such venue is The Spitz, which is nestled under that giant roof that is the Spitalfields Market. Part brassiere, part pub, part music venue and part art gallery, this is definitely a place to go for an all-in-one visit for a night out. The Saturday night I visited recently was fantastic.

"A three-piece jazz band set the mood for an atmosphere that was both vibey and conducive to a relaxing Saturday night. Obviously the rather hip looking punters had already discovered this, as the place was packed with trendy East End looking types, drinking pints in the bar and tucking into the modern bistro menu in the restaurant with equally hip looking staff wafting around the tables.

"The menu is an extensive and accomplished gastro-style menu with all the usual suspects and some welcome special guests like lamb rump with cassolette of beans, and turkey fillet on brussel & chestnut mash. My chicken liver pate came rustically in a huge brick-like slab with delicious crustini and an incredibly tasty spiced onion marmalade. Blimey, I thought if this is the size of the starter what's in store for the main. Sure enough, when our sea bass on artichoke mash and grilled organic salmon fillet with ratatouille and creamy risotto arrived it was again in gargantuan proportions.

"Quantity is one thing that cannot be faulted at The Spitz. Nor, apparently quality. Both fish were tasty and cooked to perfection; the accompanying green vegetables fared less well and were watery and overcooked, but the overall effect was good. Sophisticated pub grub, I happily concluded, with the extra pleasure of live entertainment. Despite the banquet like feast, we managed to undertake one of the best blueberry cheesecakes of my career. And the size, I hear you ask? Again, massive." MyVillage March 2003

The Spitz
109 Commercial Street
Old Spitalfields Market
London E1
tel: 020 7392 9032

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