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Saffron Restaurant - review

"I booked Saffron Restaurant, Brick Lane, for 11 people on Saturday night and was so shocked by what happened that I am still trying to come to terms with it. Basically the bill came to £400 for 11 people. The drinks bill only came to £121, therefore that means that we supposedly spent £279 on food alone (£25 each). How do you spend £25 per head when a main is roughly £6-7 (only one person had seafood) and starters are £2-3. Basically I will tell you how they ripped us off, with a mixture of discrepancies on the bill (charged us £10.95 for a lamb biryani which costs £5.95) and overloading us with extras (nann bread, rice and vegetable dishes) and of course the fact that we could not read the bill as it was totally illegible."

"They even had bottled water on the table when we arrived which we didn't request. We had only requested enough nann bread and a few vegetable dishes between us, enough to cater for 11 people and instead, we had enough food to feed an army. We had so much food that they took half of it away. The service was absolutely disgusting with friends of the waiters coming in and out of the restaurant every 5 minutes and shouting to each other from one end to the other and out onto the street.

"The restaurant was so cold I had to wear my jumper and jacket all through dinner (and I was still shivering) and even though we had pre-booked, our table was at a 90 degree angle so half of our party had their backs to each other. When I requested the bill and a copy of the menu to do a bit of auditing at home, I was denied. Then to just top it all off some of us fell sick the next day. I want to bring this incident to your attention to ask you to please, please investigate this restaurant as they overcharged us and make us ill. They do not deserve to still be in business". Alison Dunbar 17/2/03

Saffron Restaurant
53 Brick Lane
London E1
tel: 020 7247 2633
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