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Tower Hamlets Restaurants :::

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EC2 Restaurants
by Sharn Gill

Great Eastern Dining Room
54 Great Eastern Street, EC2
020 7613 4545
Tube: Old Street
Open: Mon-Sat 12-3pm 6:30-11:30pm

The neon sign outside does not nearly prepare you for the sights inside. This fine eating place is all dark wood and high ceilings and offers an exquisite range of Pan-Asian food. Dinner for two with a good wine can set you back around 60 and includes a service charge (which is always annoying!). This restaurant also has a downstairs bar - below 54 - which boasts inviting leather seating and private booths and regularly houses DJs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for the fashionable folk, sipping on their cocktails and spirits. You could definitely settle in for the night!

100-106 Leonard Street, EC2
020 7739 6500
Tube: Old Street
Open: Mon-Fri 12pm-12am. Sat 6pm-12am (restaurant)
Mon-Sat 5pm-12am (bar)

Hidden away on Leonard Street, the restaurant offers a mouth watering menu for carnivores, vegetarian and seafood fans alike. And with desserts such as almond and apricot tart with honey and mascarpone, praline ice-cream and sorbets, it's a definite must-try. A 3-course meal can cost you between 20-30 per-head and downstairs, you will find a bar decked out with leather seating and dark woods - giving you that cosy-settle-in-for-the-night feel. Be careful of what you get up to in the toilets though - they are unisex and have frosted see-through doors!

Rivington Grill Bar Deli

28-30 Rivington Street, EC2
020 7729 7053
Tube: Old Street
Open: Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm. Mon-Sat 6:30pm-11pm

From this warehouse converted eatery, you can sample English nosh with a twist - braised rabbit in cider, bangers & mash with onion gravy or, simply, lobster and chips. But if you're in a rush, you can grab a bacon muffin or chip butty from the deli for about 3-5. They also run food demos on the first Saturday of every month, when they enlist a celebrity chef to cook for a food and wine tasting session - for 75 per person, your wallet may be empty but your stomach will most definitely be full.

Eyre Brothers Restaurant Ltd.
70 Leonard Street, EC2
020 7613 5346
Tube: Old Street
Open: Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm. Mon-Sat 6:30-11pm

This restaurant serves up a mix of flavours - many with a Spanish and Portuguese flavour - to wet your appetite. Sampling their asparagus with fried egg and aged Manchego cheese or their white chocolate and strawberry parfait with almond macaroons could water the driest of mouths. At 25 per head, the menu is not as extensive as it could be but with an additional seasonal menu, you are offered a regular change. The bonus of attentive, friendly staff to cater to your every whim is also a plus. A sophisticated, interesting alternative.


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