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Beigal Bake - review
Take Away

"What sane East End loving person hasn't paid a late night visit to what is one of the best and most loved institutions of the area? Open all night, the Beigal Bake is as famous for it's cheap and delicious beigals as it is for the weird and wonderful things that happen in there in the wee hours of the morning. Salmon and cream cheese beigal? You got it. Action? You got it too. Drama? Always some of that. Don't miss their hot salt beef, but a word of warning: eat it right then and there standing up and enjoy the view. It's never the same twice!" Prawn Sag Aloo 20/5/03

Beigal Bake
159 Brick Lane,
London E1 6SB
tel: 020 7729 0616
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