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Council steps in to stem the sale of 'haram' meat - 15/11/01

Tower Hamlets Food Safety Team has launched a campaign to halt the sale of bogus halal meat in the borough. The campaign aims to promote awareness amongst Muslim butchers and consumers to buy halal meat only from approved suppliers. The council has produced a series of posters and leaflets helping Muslim butchers and consumers tell the difference between halal and haram meat.

This campaign is being launched in response to the recent publicity of unfit meat seizures by Environmental Health Officers in London and increasing reports of non-halal meat being passed off illegally as halal. Muslim sermons will also be reinforcing the message to consumers to help spot unfit meat. Rick Mason, Team Leader of the Food Safety Team says, "The main problem is that sometimes it is difficult to establish whether the meat is sold as halal or haram.

Butchers must be vigilant and carry out checks with their suppliers to ensure that the meat has come from an approved halal slaughterhouse. If they are offered cheaper meat from an unknown supplier or have concerns about an existing supplier, it is advised that they contact the Food Standards Agency or the slaughterhouse directly." A list of all slaughterhouses in the UK can be obtained from the Food Standards Agency website on

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