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Local Feature: Business Technology Support Centre - June 2002

Starting out on a career in fashion can be a difficult business and you need all the help you can get. The Business Technology Support Centre provides fashion designers, manufacturers, retailers, exporters in the area with an opportunity to expand their knowledge.

Contact: John London (Manager)
London College of Fashion Business Technology Support Centre
100 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3AE
tel: 020 7514 7526/7536
email: [email protected]


Local Fashion News: Free Range @ The Truman Brewery - 24/06/02

A summer season of free graduate art and design exhibitions from around the UK is to be exhibited at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. The whole event will involve 25 Colleges, 31 exhibitions, 1500 students and 10,000 visitors. Free Range is a Truman Foundation special project that seeks to support and facilitate up and coming talent. Showcasing the work of art & design graduate courses from all over the UK, the season of free exhibitions brings the best of the nation's creative talent together under one roof, in venues renowned for hosting cutting-edge events.

This second annual Free Range once again takes place at The Old Truman Brewery in London's Brick Lane, an 11-acre commerce and creative industries centre at the heart of London's vibrant East End throughout June & July 2002. It has been initiated to not only provide an outlet for the viewing and exhibiting of the work in a traditional sense but to provide a platform for those exhibitors involved and an efficient avenue for contacting those participants. The organisers have every belief that Free Range will become the premier recruiting ground for new creative talent. In addition to the shows the organizers are further enhancing the season's exhibitors by the introduction of the Free Range Awards.

Together with the support of our sponsors we are sure that this year will be the start of a continued program to not only exhibit the work but to provide what the organisers believe will be invaluable post educational support and encouragement for those exhibitors. The people behind Free Range hope that you will find visiting, supporting or participating in the event rewarding and look forward to another successful year of exhibitions at Free Range 2003.

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