Tatty Devine Take Flight
Tatty Devine 236 Brick Lane, London E2

As a subdued London Fashion Week draws closer, some exhibitors have to scream wildly for attention, whereas others let the work just speak for itself. A stellar example of the latter is Brick Lane based duo Tatty Devine; two fine artists turned mighty fine designers. Rosie Wolfenden (above with plectrum necklace) and Harriet Vine take a knowing, witty view of the recent past without being mired in tiresome nostalgia.

Their stunning collection of accessories (including bracelets made from Rubik's cube sections and plectrum necklaces) melds the worlds of girlhood innocence and groupie chic to amazing effect. The duo have the dubious honour of playing 'chase' with the high street stores who constantly produce ersatz editions of their quirky designs. Luckily, the pair have an apparently limitless well of great ideas.

Grabbing a few valuable minutes of the girls' time in between their frantic preparations for Fashion Week, styling commissions for Vogue, the Face etc and an upcoming modeling gig for Bernstock & Spiers, Tatty Devine gave MyVillage a quick interview in the stylized chaos of their Brick Lane shop/workshop.

When asked about inspiration for their work, Harriet (above, red jumper) says: "The main inspiration for our work comes from our friends and music in the area. At the time when we created our Plectrum range (the multicoloured collection of guitar plectrum earrings, necklaces and bracelets) I was living with a group of boys who happened to be musicians. They used to leave their plectrums around the house and I thought they were an object ripe for re-appropriation."

Rosie adds: "Yeah, we like the idea of altering the function of objects. We've made belt buckles out of bakelite telephone dials, rosette and belts made from tape measures, that kind of thing. In previous collections we've had porcelain sweetie bracelets and souvenir-style charm belts. But, we're slowly moving away from the whole retro thing."

Tatty Devine are understandably upbeat about the future, constantly introducing new lines into the collection. "We are now making these record bags," says Rosey showing a super-smooth vinyl handbag designed to look like a rare 7". These bags, like the rest of the new pieces for Fashion Week, have 'waiting-list' written all over them.
Mo Kanneh

Tatty Devine 236 Brick Lane, London E2 tel: 0207 739 9009. To contact Tatty Devine go to [email protected]