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History of EC2
by Sharn Gill

London Wall was the Roman bastion with Bishopsgate and Moorgate as the gates in the wall for Roman and Anglo Saxon soldiers to march through. It was re-developed in the 18th century and has continued to change into what it has become today. Parts of the wall can be seen at the Museum of London.

The street names are thousands of years old, originating from areas where professions resided in the past (e.g. Bread Street for the bakers, Threadneedle Street for the tailors, Love Lane - where prostitutes gathered).

Thomas Beckett, the unpopular Archbishop was born there on Ironmonger's Lane in 1118. John Keats also resided on the same street in 1861 at one point.

Oliver Cromwell married Elizabeth Bourchier at St Giles and John Milton was buried here in 1674. The church is one of the few buildings to survive the Great Fire in 1666 but only its tower survived the Blitz.

Jewry Street was where the Jewish community resided and where 500 were murdered because a Jew charged a Christian more than the legal rate of interest. It was also alleged that the Jewish burned Christian children and were banished in 1291 by King Edward. They returned to the area in the 17th century.


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